Founding Member:  Takashi Nonaka Sensei

Senior aikido instructor Takashi Nonaka Sensei, 9th Dan, Ki Society, passed away in 2016.  He practiced since 1955 with Master Koichi Tohei and his students. 

His son, Eric Nonaka Sensei, 7th Dan, is Assistant Chief Instructor of the Hawaii Ki Federation and Head Instructor of the Mililani Dojo.  He is a frequent guest instructor and honorary member of the Hilo Dojo. 

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Kagami Biraki
Hilo Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido rang in the New Year at its annual Kagami Biraki ceremony on Sunday, January 9, 2018 at the Waiakea Recreation Center.  Head Instructor David Kaneshiro Sensei presented promotion certificates to numerous students.  

Members took part in Aikido demonstrations and Sokushin No Gyo (also known as Misogi), a group activity which includes breathing exercise, chanting, and ringing of the suzu (bell).  Following the ceremony, members and families were treated to traditional zenzai a dish consisting of warm azuki beans and mochi.  A beautiful shomen display was arranged by Edward Takemoto Sensei. 

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